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Why you should Tour Europe

There are definitely more must-see destinations in Europe than you can fit into a single trip, which can make planning your perfect European holiday a bit tricky. However, we’ve got you covered! We've gone ahead and done all the hard work for you by curating some the most incredible travel destinations around Europe and combined them into a wide variety of spectacular tours. That means, you can sit back, and journey with us while skipping the long queues and enjoying VIP access to many of the museums and attractions.

Why Europe?

Europe is charming by design - no matter which season you choose for your tour. In the winter months, the magical snow-capped mountains, icy lakes, colourful Christmas decorations and markets mean Europe is transformed into a picturesque, winter wonderland. In Summer you’ll find that staying indoors is almost impossible. People are out and about, soaking up the sun after the long cold winter months. Long days on the beach and lunch at a sidewalk café are among the many popular outdoor activities in summer – both for tourists and locals alike.

Why a Tour?

Our tour options include destinations like Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Paris, Munich, Dubrovnik and London. We’ve combined these incredible destinations into a list of stunning Flight Centre European tours. It’s inevitable that you’ll find a tour that will fulfil your travel dreams! Choosing to tour has a couple of great advantages. Not only do you get to combine several bucket-list attractions into one trip, but you also have the bare minimum to worry about throughout your travels. For example, most of your meals are included in the tour package along with all your travel costs in between destinations as part of the tour. You can also expect a dedicated tour guide wherever you go, who will make sure you are kept entertained and well-informed for the duration of your travel adventure.

Some Bucket-list destinations on our European Tours


Spain is filled with beauty, colour culture and ultimately, it’s the dream destination for anyone with a love of art. Experience Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville for yourself.


Of course, one of the main attraction of Iceland is the Northern lights – nature’s very own fantasy display of lights in the sky. Although rare and not always on display, this is a definite must-see when touring Iceland.


When you think Italy, what comes to mind first? Pasta? Pizza? Meatballs? Italy is after-all a country that enjoys eating, more than most other things in life. Experience every little detail of what makes Italy so… Italian! Our Italian destinations, of course, include beautiful Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and everything that Rome has to offer.


The capital city of the Netherlands is quant in almost every single way. Walking around in this beautiful city, with its distinctly Amsterdam-style buildings built along the canals you’ll feel like you’ve been transported directly into a postcard. There is so much to see and experience in Amsterdam and our tour includes some spectacular bucket-list experiences: a bicycle tour of the city, the famous clog and cheese demonstration and a canal dinner cruise.


If you have ever wanted to experience a “White Christmas”, Switzerland is absolutely the place to experience it. The frozen landscapes and beautiful architecture will capture the imagination of even the most pragmatic traveller. Our tours include visits to the beautiful city of Lucerne as well as the Swiss Alps.


Who would love to see the city of love? Tick Paris off your bucket list with a once-in-a-lifetime City Lights tour and a trip up the Eiffel Tower. Eat a macaroon or a croissant while saying “Oui Oui” to every possible French experience!

Hopefully, you don't need any more convincing about why a European tour is an unforgettable experience that will leave you fondly recounting your travel memories for many years to come. There is a without a doubt, a Flight Centre European tour that will show you Europe you’ve always wanted to see.

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